Why This Website?


Thanks for visiting this site.

We are facing the most challenging times most of us have ever seen in our lifetimes.

As of today, with no vaccine and cure in sight, the current coronavirus crisis has to be tackled with social distancing and maintaining hygiene.

While most of the world today is under some sort of lockdown, we still have to interact with the outside world for food and other necessities.

This may involve going out to buy essential items or handling parcels delivered at doorsteps.

These tasks, which were trivial in the past, are easy no more. These contacts may pose serious health challenges.

Just like you, I, along with my family, have been grappling with these challenges too.

We have understood that we can only minimize our interaction with the outside world, but we cannot eliminate it.

Thus, to cater to these interactions, we have formulated some rules.

These rules are based on scientific guidelines provided by WHO, CDC, and other agencies. We have just adapted to make sense in day to day work.

This website is just an attempt to share these rules with everyone to help them.

As these guidelines keep evolving, the rules mentioned will also be updated from my side at the earliest.

In case of queries, please feel free to comment you have any questions and I will try to answer them as soon as I can.

Stay safe!